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Things about me


Male, from the early 70’s, interested in everything that runs on wheels (preferably with an engine and the larger the more I’m interested), music, sports, photography, technology, IT .

Trying to keep up with the modern world by looking & reading, working, travelling, social contacts, experimenting,… by any means at anytime. Allthough I can’t watch TV for hours, I do watch movies,I know my classics, but basically no experiments there. TV is watched mostly for music, documentary’s. The little insomniac in me, gets me extra-hours for overall knowledge/testing and experiences in the different domaines of interest. Politics and opinions.. do read them, have my own.



I’ve seen some places and have been around. Not as much as I want due to work, costs and other priority’s. I prefer the adventures trip above the sight-seeing and “beach”-holidays.

A holiday in Scotland with a camper or a bike ride to Italy, crossing Route 66, … as long as there’s not too much planned at front.. the unexpected , the surprises, a litlle less comfort … 

Matrix tut 2



Anything about digital technology will do. From engines over computers and multimedia, photography, machinery, instruments, tools … as long as there is (modern or future) technology involved there’s some interest. Level depending on the subject off course but I appreciate a good healthy form of thinking and development.

Trying to keep up in this fast moving environment ain’t easy but I do spent my time on it with great pleasure. People who are passionately talking about their subject can  count on my attention.




Cars I owned over the years, or are in my possession at this very moment. Started small, got bigger and faster over the years, recently the passion for American oldschool bigblocks.

Linked soon…

As soon as I got a drivers-license , I had had it with scooters and small engines… along came the faster and bigger stuff.

Different connections over time (Motortec Overijse and Powerplus engineering mid/end the 90’s) got me hooked up for circuit-/trackdays and all the pleasures that came along/a-side with it.

 Every once and a while a trip for track-racing comes along. Prefer the Nurburgring,  been on Spa-Francorchamps, Mettet, Croix-en-Ternois, Folembray, Assen…




Lisztomaniac…  Music is always on and around, the classics , the hits or the un- or less-known type. I do prefer the better/harder rock but I can listen to all kinds of music. There are exceptions off course, but a good dj-set after a day of work, or a 3-day metal-festival, a concert .. anything will do at the right time. Grew up in the full grunch-period in the late 80’s and younger 90’s, surrounded by people who were playing or into music.

Played the drums my self at younger age and some acoustic guitar, but sadly had to make choices and did not continue on either of them. A good solo-drumset/guitar-riff still gets my attention too.


Projects casestudy

the Worldwide Random

Have a laugh

now THAT is art..


Enjoy this lap on the nurburgring…

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